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Southwest University (SWU) is a comprehensive and national key university sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China. SWU was founded in July, 2005, by the amalgamation of two formerly individual universities, Southwest China Normal University and Southwest China Agriculture University.

SWU is located in Chongqing municipality, which is the central city in the Western China Development Project. The Three Gorges, Dazu Stones Carving and Hotpot Food are worldwide famous and unique. Southwest University began to enroll international students in the 1950's. It is also one of the universities designated by the Ministry of Education to enroll Chinese Government Scholarship students. Most of the international students in SWU are now majoring in Chinese language, Pedagogy, Psycology, Economics, Business in China, Chinese Minorities Studies, Life Sciences, Food Sciences, Agriculture, Fine Arts, and Chinese Martial Arts, etc. The qualified International students in Southwest University have the privileges and chances to get Chonqing Mayor Scholarships and SWU Excellent Overseas Students Scholarship. In addition SWU is donating a share of Integrative Insurance for Medical Care and Accidents for every long term overseas student.

Before being united, Southwest China Normal University and Southwest Agricultural University were neighbors with only a wall separating the two institutions. Both universities had a long historic relationship, which could be traced back to their common origin, i.e. East Sichuan Teachers College in 1906.

Southwest China Normal University and Southwest Agricultural University have already cultivated a variety of graduates, more than 200,000 since their establishment. On the basis of long-term building and development, both universities formed their special characteristics in teachers' education and agricultural education respectively. The universities excel in a number of disciplines including pedagogy, psychology and agronomy. Among them, the silkworm genome research takes the lead in the world, and fundamental psychology and pedagogy have taken a national lead. Other great achievements include natural fallowing, silkworm gene bank, southwest ethnic education and psychology research, and human time cognition and so on. Hundreds of new technologies and achievements have brought with them outstanding social and economic benefits.

SWU covers a very broad range of studies including philosophy, economics, law, pedagogics, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture and management. The university now offers 40 national key disciplines, 66 doctoral programs, 9 postdoctoral programs, 159 master's programs and 97 bachelor's programs. SWU is known nationwide for its teaching methodological and agricultural studies. Studies in Pedagogics, psychology and agriculture have distinguished predominance in China; The Research of Silkworm Genome is top in the world. A great deal of creative research works have been achieved in the fields like Zero Tillage Cultivation, Silkworm Genome, Studies on the Education and Psychological Behavior of Minorities in Southwestern China, and the Research on Human Time Cognition, etc.

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